Advance Payroll Management system in Python with Source code and Database. Payroll Management system is customized Payroll Management system is used to Manage Daily, Weekly and Month Payroll of organization Employees.

This system is use to Create employee Salary, Employee Overtime, Employees Funds, other Benefits and Tax’s moreover This system is Fully Integrated with Attendance Machine (ZK). Admin only need to Add IP Address of Machine with same Network. With the Help of This system Attendance system able to get Attendance from Machine and Insert into Database.

This system is developed using Python. This Application code is helpful for Last Semester Student to make final year project. We have a great collection of Python Projects Free Source Code Projects. we are sharing these Projects only for Learning Purpose.

Project Name Payroll Management System.
Programming Language PYTHON
Database SQLLite
Project Language English

Main Features :

Add Employees
Add Departments
Add Sub Department
Add Employee Salary
Add Employee Benefits
Add Employees overtime
Maintain Overall Employee Profile
Maintain Department Profile
Add Attendance machine in System with the help of IP Address.
Payroll details
Check payment detail
Payroll tax liabilities
Tax collections
Tax deposits
Tax filings
Time and attendance
Strong security
Administrator has Right to add roles.
Employee wise Payslips
Department wise Payslip
Sup Department wise Payslip
Salary Deposit in Bank option
Add Banking Detail

Link download :

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